Why Nguni

We Are Nguni

The history and legends say NGUNI PEOPLE originate from Central Africa when the great migration happened in the 2nd century, the Nguni people migrated to the south of the continent. Leaving what is now known as Central Africa. They left with various technologies of that time, life stock, and Horticultural plants, those plants, and trees are evident, in the Southern African Region to this day. 

Nguni Nursery was established to serve the purpose of contract growing and supply of plants and tree saplings including those brought by our ancestors.  To help Organisations that are planting on the ground projects to source plant material and trees with ease.  We have the experience, expertise, are a passionate and highly motivated team that knows they are playing their part in global climate change mitigation.  

Siyabulela believes producing and making high-quality plant and tree saplings accessible and affordable to organizations that work on land restoration, greening projects and the horticultural industry is very important if we are to achieve our Land Restoration goals.  He is one of 5 youth ambassadors of AFR100 in the African continent, their role as the ambassadors are to get other young people involved in the Climate change and land restoration in the continent.  

In 2018 Nguni Nursery, then trading as Sokomani Horticultural Services contract grew 135 000 Portulacaria Afra “Spekbooms” for a Heart Capital.  Siyabulela has been in various African countries and Europe speaking on the importance of Production Plant Nurseries “Towards Mass seedling Production To Scale Up Ecological Restoration In Africa”

We Grow Plants & Trees with Love we would love to grow and supply for your organization.