Welcome to Nguni Nursery

Wholesale Plant & Tree Nursery

Specializing In Contract Growing and Supply Of Indigenous Plants, Tree Saplings For Sustainable Landscapes, Greening Projects, Horticultural Industry, Ecological Restoration, etc.


Our Story

We Are Nguni

We call our wholesale nursery “Nguni” because it represents the Nguni spirit of respecting the land, taking care of our people, and healing The landscape through the cultivation plants and trees like our forefathers did.  We are Also Nguni, Siyabulela Sokomani the Founder and owner is Xhosa a dominant tribe within the Nguni people.


Client Brief/Meeting 

We meet with clients, get to know and understand their tree/plant needs for their programs.  
We agree on the specifications of the trees/plants, time frames, delivery intervals.  
Deposits and the finer details of finances finalization.


We start production, from seeds or cuttings depending on the species to be grown.
Clients are kept in the green loop about the growth of the tree/plants.  
Contract range from 3 months to 3 years depending on the Contract agreements and volumes.


We deliver the right volumes 

At the right time 

The right Indigenous tree/plant species with the correct genetic makeup.

We link Projects with beneficiaries in Townships and Rural areas.