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Community Projects 

Nguni Nursery, working alongside some funding partners and with TownshipfarmersSA 196-948 NPO as our leading NGO, has been rolling out amazing green projects that have really made a big difference in our communities over time. Concentrating on sustainable practices and greening townships and rural areas with indigenous plants and trees, these projects highlight our commitment to raising environmental awareness and enhancing green spaces in communities. These efforts are particularly focused on areas in townships and rural regions, which were significantly affected by the apartheid era's spatial planning policies that previously left these communities without access to green spaces.

Fusing Sports and Environmental Awareness

The RunningTree campaign funded by One Tree Planted Initiative. Nguni Nursery and TownshipfarmersSA 


In an innovative collaboration, Nguni Nursery and TownshipfarmersSA joined forces under the One Tree Planted initiative, combining the power of sports with environmental consciousness. This ground breaking campaign, cantered around the 2022 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, demonstrated the remarkable impact of integrating physical activity with environmental stewardship. 

Urban Greening School Project & Green Jobs Initiative  

This initiative, supported by Salesforce and One Tree Planted, involved Nguni Nursery and TownshipfarmersSA in a climate action project at COP26. Focused in Johannesburg, it engaged 10 schools in tree planting and urban forestry education. A key feature was a tree nursery at Tshepisa Primary School, supporting over 5,000 tree plantings. The project also nurtured environmental skills among students and revitalised a school classroom, blending education and community action for sustainable development and environmental awareness.

150 000 Trees and Plants for the Cape Flats 

This project was particularly dear to Siya, as he was born and raised on the Cape Flats. Driven by his passion for greening his hometown, Nguni Nursery, in partnership with One Tree Planted, navigated the unique challenges of tree planting in township areas. From 2020 to 2022, they successfully grew 150,000 plants, contributing significantly to Cape Town's greening efforts. These plants, chosen from Cape Strandveld vegetation species, supported local farmers, schools, churches, and community hubs, enriching the local environment and community life.

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